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Andre Desjardins - I am part of the earth

About Artist:

Andr? Desjardins is a painting poet. As others use words, his work evokes life using lines, colors and textures. Having contact with its work is a unique experience that teased the viewer with a taste of life: to like and be liked, to love and to be loved, to see and to be seen... Andre?s works are alive: they speak, they listen, they seduce, they move. Andre?s latest work reflects his feelings towards the number of conflicts around the world.?"I have witnessed prohibition behind the scenes, where, for a moment, decent people are reconciled with themselves. With my brush, for the brief moment of a painting, I give them the right. I celebrate the right to live, to love, to speak, to make love? With my brush, in the space of a painting, I wanted to tell them that I haven't forgotten them and I hope I can somehow give them a bit of courage. Whether they are here or far away??

I suddenly wanted to paint life! I needed to express the urgency to live!"


Andre Desjardins

Andre Desjardins

I am part of the earth

  • 2008
  • Dimensions: 50" x 36"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Other
  • Origin: Canada
  • Price: $4,900.00 USD


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