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Clarissa Wong - Patches of Red and Green

About Artist:

My art is composed of botany, animals and human figures. The human touch, our carbon footprint is what is speeding up the process of the deterioration of earth. We are a dominant species that have evolved too quickly and we have the ability to create change to help preserve. My interest generally lies in nature and the relationship of humans with other species. We have the cognitive knowledge and ability to help the other estimated 8.7 million species. 
I am exploring what the earth has to offer through my art, seeing nature in different aspects and interpreting in my own creative worlds. I am not implying that my art correctly portrays nature, however, it is my interpretation of a naïve-untouched world. The worlds I created are idealised fantasies that show an interaction with multiple species. My paintings challenges the ideas of what humans have taken away from other species and what has made them change. The small figures in my paintings represent genetically modified organisms and I display this concept through the skin tone of the figures. Adding larger than life subject matter around the figures. Create an idealised interaction of humans with Mother Nature. I am drawn to mother nature in every aspect and how it can vary from one place to another. Experiencing the differentiations of their origins, whether this maybe a plant life or an animal. How an African elephant differs in size to an Asian elephant or how the wheat grain can differ from France to America.
It is fascinating to learn about the origins of any earthling species and how rich mother earth's history is. Beyond that, what started my fascination was the idea of systems within the body and how without each system- the body would not be able to interact with the external world. I try to create an environment on my canvas where I touch on either or all of these subject matters. Perhaps this could be world building but I treat each piece as something completely different from one another. It took me a while to reach into my subconscious and realise that what I have been painting has been something that I have experienced throughout my life. As I paint, I am exploring and experimenting different techniques through the images I make. Doing both helps me examine the many incidents in life that helped bridged my relationship to Mother Earth. We are just like the other species, where we have a life span. We are visitors of the earth. I want people to be aware without being too obvious about the problems of our environment. If the species cannot adapt along with us they will become extinct. I am trying to combine my passions and fantasies on the canvas by addressing problems that we are facing. 

Clarissa Wong

Patches of Red and Green

  • 2016
  • Dimensions: 30" x 40"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Oil / Canvas
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $5,000.00 USD


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