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Fermin Santos Alcalde - Postmoment de sentido experimental

About Artist:

Fermin Santos Alcalde, spanish artist (1909-1997). After the civil war, he entered the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid, where he has as teachers Vazquez Diaz, Eduardo Chicharro, Benedito, Jose Garnelo, etc.

The artist is heir to the pictorial techniques of Goya, with a special predilection for themes such as covens, church interiors and popular customs.

He made numerous exhibitions of his work, the most notable being the anthology he presented at the General Directorate of Artistic Heritage, Archives and Museum, in the halls of the National Library of Madrid (1978), another anthology in the Diputaci?n Provincial de Guadalajara, various exhibitions at the Parador Castillo de Siguenza, and others at the Hotel Vaddam in Tripoli (Libya) in 1966, at the Bernardi Gallery in Washington in 1969, in the Quixote Gallery, the Heller Gallery and in Gavar Gallery in Madrid, as well as a great exhibition in the Atenero de Madrid. Ferm?n Santos, in all fairness, one of the most outstanding Spanish painters, in the twentieth century. He has his own museum in Sig?enza (Guadalajara-Spain).?

Fermin Santos Alcalde

Postmoment de sentido experimental

  • 1975
  • Dimensions: 146" x 89"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Oil / Canvas
  • Origin: Spain
  • Price: €9,000.00 EUR


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