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Paul Herman - Still Life with Roses

About Artist:

Paul Herman is a painter and sculptor known for his figurative paintings, portraits, and murals. Born to artists Victor Herman and Joni Di Pirro, Paul has been painting since he was old enough to hold a brush. During his childhood he developed a taste for the travel that would define his life, moving with his parents from the U.S. to Morocco, Sicily, Malta, and eventually settling in Florence, Italy. Paul’s father was an obsessed painter who didn’t always provide his family with food, but seldom ran out of paint.

As a boy in Italy, working at the heels of his mother while she helped restore ancient frescoes, Paul first discovered the Renaissance masters who would inspire his own work. While Paul studied art in London and New York, and holds a Bachelor with Honors degree in Fine Art from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, he feels his real-life education began at sixteen when he found himself drawing portraits of tourists on the streets of London’s Piccadilly Circus. “I have always tried to simply and honestly paint what I see,” he says. “But as I grow older, I always make the same mistakes. I have decided that is my style.”

With clients from Malibu to Marbella, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York to the Ikeda museum in Japan, Paul has made his life as an artist.

Paul Herman

Still Life with Roses

  • Unknown
  • Dimensions: 120" x 80"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Oil / Canvas
  • Origin: Spain
  • Price: $2,000.00 USD


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