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About Artist:

Strolling in a wonderland of philosophy, music, and paleontology, and traveling over 80 countries, Robert Yang was bound to the marvelous artworks with his whole heart. Therefore, Yang has over 10,000 collections, including a complete fossil of a Tyrannosaurus. Moreover, Yang relishes the feelings of creating artworks. Creations not only enable him to vent his emotions and lash the figure of life, but also permit him to revive. Then, he can digest the energy from paradise in future, and appreciate the paradise in mortals. He invade future and savor present.

In order to create the new humans, the new superheroes, and the new genes, Yang introduces some terms, created in his subminimal dream, such as invapprism, solidficationism, and overselfgenetics. With these novel ideas he shape thoughts into their arts. Besides he hope humans can escape from this absurd world when the radiation of his art hits on people. Meanwhile, Yang founded a gallery named Invade Future Art Gallery, a studio named Titanic Shipwood Art Studio, a brand named Robert Y and a private museum named Robert Y Crazy Dream Art Museum.



  • 2001-present
  • Dimensions: 150" x 190" x 80"
  • Fine Art Category: sculptures
  • Medium: other
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Price: $60,000.00 USD


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