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Ruud Van Empel - Dawn No 2

About Artist:

Ruud van Empel is a contemporary Dutch artist and photographer born in 1957 in Breda, the Netherlands. He worked in graphic design and videography after studying at Academie St Joost.

Ruud Van Emplel photography includes traditional portraiture, surrealism and magical realism collage style photographic art combining multiple photographs into one image using digital tools.

The photographs of women and children Ruud Van Empel are both vibrant and haunting.

Empfel's photographs are included in the C-Photo Collection in London, the Chaney Collection in Houston, Museum of Tel Aviv and the Alturas Foundation in San Antonio.

He is the recipient of many awards, including the St. Joost Prize (1981), Charlotte Kohlerprize (1993), H.N. Werkmanprize (2001), Municipality of Breda Oeuvre-prize (2013) and 2017 Artist of the Year/American Friends of Museums in Israel-NYC (2017).

Ruud Van Empel

Dawn No 2

  • 2008
  • Dimensions: 84" x 60"
  • Fine Art Category: photography
  • Medium: Cibachrome Primy
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $55,000.00 USD


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