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Toby Davis - Funston and Lincoln

About Artist:

   My name is Toby Davis. I reside in Eagle, Idaho - USA. I’ve been painting as a hobby for over twenty years, but in late 2014 I decided that I needed to give painting my full effort. I‘m a fairly traditional painter, but I’m always looking for ways to push out beyond tradition methods and ideas. Painting is the one thing in my life that stops time. I can paint for four hours non-stop and it feels like thirty minutes. I paint the beautiful scenes other people walk past. I feel like every scene is special and only exists in a fleeting moment. Things change. Lighting changes, seasons change, and over time what was there today, is different tomorrow. Painting stops time in that way too. It is a way to preserve the intersection of a fleeting moment with a specific view point.

Toby Davis

Funston and Lincoln

  • 2016
  • Dimensions: 24" x 30"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Oil / Panel
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $2,000.00 USD


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