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Wayne Steele - The Vow

About Artist:

British artist Wayne Steele, was born in 1969 and resides in Southhampton. Wayne works in watercolours, acrylic, pencils and black and white primarily in Fantasy Art.

As a young lad I was always doodling and sketching. My hobby continued right up until the age of about 20 when I decided to attend Art School.

Like many others I enrolled on a basic art and design course. Having enjoyed his first year at college and thankfully passing with merits I decided on further studies and enrolled on a two year Graphics/IIlustration course. On completion of that I then went onto to study Scientific Illustration for a further two years.

Having left college many years ago I was still fairly young and unsure of what path my future would take. Ironically I was to find myself doing something completely different for quite some years. During which I met a lovely woman, got married and had two beautiful kids. Fate saw another road for me and about two years ago I found myself a single father and having to make some serious changes in my life. Around this time I had a renewed passion for my Art. I found comfort once again in losing myself in my creativities and have since put a real purpose to where I want to take my Art and where I want to be to.

My style is extremely diverse as I have dabbled in all mediums and have also taught crafts to. I am somewhat of an all rounder yet when I do my fantasy work. I love the whole planning side. Seeing an image in my head and putting it to a canvas. I love acrylic and find it a wonderful rich and versatile medium.

I also hold private Art groups where I tend to revert back to water colours, which is where my initial discipline lay. I am currently moving forward with my theme of Fantasy art/religion/angels and Demons. This appears to be an area I particularly enjoy as much often mimics certain aspects of my life albeit not in the literal sense but often how life appears to unfold to me.

Wayne Steele

The Vow

  • 2019
  • Dimensions: 60" x 91"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Origin: UK
  • Price: £1,400.00 GBP


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