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About Artist:

Drawing world-wide attention, through sell-out shows, celebrity events and numerous charities, Colleen Ross' work has broken through all realms of the national and international media. Her work has been featured in multiple publications and media venues, including Forbes, PEOPLE Magazine, UPI Press, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Variety, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood, Barbara Walters celebrity interviews, ABC Prime Time, Good Morning America, movies and Television.

Born into a struggling, working class family, Ross found her escape through art. Painting by age fifteen, she began to develop and hone her skills as a figurative artist. Mesmerized by the beauties on the silver screen and in romance comics, Ross developed a love for the female face and form.  In her thirties, Ross began painting professionally, and was catapulted into the vibrant and blossoming art scene, forever capturing the hearts of her avid collectors. Ross' passion for her art is fueled by the true vulnerability she feels with each of her subjects. Her childhood influences of romance comic books, black and white movies and the Ed Sullivan Show are still vivid in her creations. Ross' art is a unique expression of her artistic soul and personal story. Her signature originality combines the highest quality and grade of Masterpiece with "Campy" playfulness and ROCK-STAR attitude! 

Colleen Ross

Finger Painted Horse

  • 2019
  • Dimensions: 68" x 54"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $18,000.00 USD


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