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About Artist:

In his work, paintings and photographs of theatrical scenes,  Edwin’s muses play an act of power, seduction and temptation. All acts together form a play where Edwin reveals stories.

Like everyone is unique, all Edwin's paintings are unique. This means that all paintings are unique pieces of art. Edwin's photographs are available in very small limited editions of maximally 3-5 pieces. All Edwin's artworks have a certificate of authenticity and originality. Moreover, all Edwin's paintings are signed secretly which can be traced by an expert only.

Edwin uses the same technique as that of the old masters. An aesthetic and functional choice, because most contemporary artworks have to be restored within a few decades. But with the ingredients gelatin, chalk, egg yolk, traditional pigments, linseed and safflower oil, he creates paintings that survive centuries. It is not for nothing that the technique of the old masters has already proven itself in countless famous works of art. Edwin makes, by the way, the required paint and varnish all by himself, because besides artist he is also an 'art chemist'.

Edwin IJpeij

Lost in the City II

  • 2022
  • Dimensions: 20" x 28"
  • Fine Art Category: photography
  • Medium:
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Price: €1,600.00 EUR


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