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About Artist:

It was 2014 when Felipe Moraes had already made long friends with his camera.

Even before turning professional, in the same year, the passion for nature, the organic, the shapes and colors, synthesized in a single frame, one by one, in a dynamic that will always be concise.

We speak of a young man of the world, and with an equally global vision, whose eyes are always attentive to what is normally unnoticed - the curly dance of flames, the flights of birds; elements that cross their lenses in the most diverse locations and format prisms.

It is not surprising to notice something divine in their images. One finds beauty in the silhouette of a dead tree, in the power of water, as well as life that is also born in the aridity of a desert.

Restless, he recorded the beautiful scenery of Boa Vista Farm, in the interior of Sao Paulo, of Fernando de Noronha and Angra dos Reis; he explored incredible possibilities in Italy, such as the Blue Grotto - which yielded the series 'Grotta Azzurra' -, up to the heights of Mount Grappa, in the Veneto region, Italy. Nowadays, he lives in the United States, but he makes his official debut in Brazil with six of his series.

It is true to say that his so indefectible works already position him among the most prominent names of the new generation of photographers.

There is one thing, however, that escapes Moraes' eyes: the frontiers he crosses, regardless of his position in the GPS. In the snow of Ohio, in the tropical heat or in the sky, this, yes, its only limit.

Felipe Moraes

Vita Espirituale of Grotta Azzurra

  • 2017
  • Dimensions: 47" x 42"
  • Fine Art Category: photography
  • Medium:
  • Origin: Italy
  • Price: $2,680.00 USD


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