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About Artist:

The artist Baudo, Slobodan Ivankovitch, was born in 1946 at Banja Luka. He is a representative artist of the renowned Ecole de Paris.

In his study years, he frenquently travelled the cultural capitals of Europe, studying the works of the great masters of painting. He graduated and received his Masters Degree at the University of Belgrade under the acdemic professor N.Gvozdenovitch. He also visited Paris, the cultural capital of Europe, several times. Paris accepted him as its own and he resided there for a longer period of time, often returning to the city even today. He came to love the city as the place of a thousand possibilities for expression. He feels closest to this city because of its character, which provides him with a lot of freedom and a suitable enviroment for working, exhibiting and socialising with people of culture. 

He has had the honour of exhibiting his works in renowned Parisian galleries such as Jean Tour, Ginje and Loeil de Boeuf, which is managed by Mrs Cerez Franco. The exhibition was reviewed by Jean-Jaques Leveq, the then President of the International Association of Art Critics in France. He exhibited in the Francois Petit Gallery, which represents and sells the works of world-renowned artists such as Dali, Ernst, Tanguy, Magritt and others. he worked on several solo and group exhibitions, such as the May Salon in Paris, the Place Bellecour in Lyon, the Bienalle of Contemporary Arts in menton and elsewhere. His works are collected and published in the Telethon Sannois catalogue of great exhibitions, the Art Foundation of the Institute de France and the overview exhibition entitled 200 Years of Still Life in France at the Granoff Gallery, Place Bavaut in paris.

His paintings are often exhibited together with those of the world masters such as Picasso, Utrillo, Man Ray, Le Corbusier, Tapies, Dufy, Lanskoy, Clain, Legr, Calder, Corneille and others.

Ivankovitch Baudo

Polo players

  • 2014
  • Dimensions: 45" x 35"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Oil / Canvas
  • Origin: Slovenia
  • Price: €7,000.00 EUR


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