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About Artist:

 One word. Positivity. My art is a dance in pursuit of perfection, strength, intention, acceptance and finality. I find that I am inspired by my life journeys, travels, my family and my dreams – it is whirlwind of everything my life celebrates, past, present and future.


When I pick up my tools and begin to mix and design each creation it feels overwhelmingly amazing. Over the years, I have learnt to explain it as an irresistible emotion to create art. While in my studio I have symphony of classical music and foot tapping pop; I dance with the tools that have become an extension of me to create. It is important that each piece is interesting and feels good to the core, both physically and mentally. I want people to have a need to touch the art, as if it is speaking to them directly. So much of what is out there doesn’t feel good and as much as there is bad in the world, we should all seek happiness and success. It is up to us to push and celebrate as much as we can. I want my art to inspire people to seek everything they want in life—I say, don’t stand in the way of the light. 


-Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Patina Intention Circle

  • 0
  • Dimensions: 35" x 35" x 4"
  • Fine Art Category: sculptures
  • Medium: other
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $5,700.00 USD


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