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About Artist:

I believe everyone is an amazing Artist as long as they truly express themselves. I grew up in Richmond Virginia. In addition to being an artist I like to mentor youth and research solutions to societal problems. I love to use my art to express my thoughts and ideas, for me every picture tells a story. The earliest influences on my artistic style were comic books and cartoons. Over the years, I?ve learned to gain inspiration from my everyday experiences. I have a passion for learning whether it be through books, or through people. Art has been one of my greatest assets in combating my depression and PTSD. I grew up seeing a lot of violence around my city. I used my Art as a means to cultivate a positive mindset in the midst of negative influences. I know from my own experience that art has the power to heal and connect people. It helps us see how dope we all are deep down. When we make amazing things we reveal our true selves to our own eyes.

Malik Brooks

Laugh With Your Beast

  • 2018
  • Dimensions: 40" x 30"
  • Fine Art Category: drawings
  • Medium:
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $4,000.00 USD


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