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About Artist:

Malu's formal training began at 16 years of age, in Vigo, Spain, where she studied drawing, painting and mono-print with the Argentine surrealist Alberto Castro Couso. After a BFA in Theater, she returned to the visual arts by completing a Masters of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute. Later she did further studies for Visual Arts & Theater NY State Teacher Certification, and almost completed a MA in Art History & Criticism at SBU.?Malu has participated in group and solo exhibitions internationally, including shows in?Galicia, Tuscany, and?NY. Among the honors and awards she has?received are the Merrit Award bestowed by art historian & critic Donald Kuspit at the Summit International Juried Show at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.?For Malu, the most vulnerable of human perceptions is time, her work displays either the loss of time, the bygone moment, or her attempt at 'holding on to' or freezing time ... "I paint the past in many ways while I paint the present, as if I filter what I see through a past lens. I paint the past which?I subjectively remember, I also paint a more shared universal past that never was, somewhat in the sense that?Jules Vernes described a?'nostalgic' future in his writings. I'm nostalgic for an era that might have never existed. I paint longing, loss, daydreams and the lull in the afternoon; the inevitable passing of time?or the attempt to hold on to it." Stylistically, she uses a?fusion of cubistic elements and distortions and?a strong vibrant palette to help in the depiction?of the ephemeral perceptions of life often?attempting to?freese moments?such as the stupor of a warm afternoon or the lingering light of the dusk. All of her work has a dreamlike quality and a nostalgic appeal ...

Malu Ribeiro


  • 2018
  • Dimensions: 80" x 80"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Other
  • Origin: Portugal
  • Price: €1,000.00 EUR


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