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About Artist:

I started my profession in the photographic darkrooms of the Yorkshire Post in Leeds and spent my mid-teens learning the craft of photography on the newspaper before being promoted to a press photographer. I still use my original 5 x 4 and medium format cameras originating my images onto film before developing and then scanning them into digital imagery. I and other professional photographers now use digital printers as a more efficient way of producing photographs especially large format images. The quality of the finished print far outstrips those crated in darkroom developing dishes. The inks now used are purported to last many hundreds of years which, in my opinion, is far longer than the lifetime of a silver gelatin print. I did have some prints processed as silver gelatin but the quality did not compare with the latest digital produced prints.
I do my own processing and send the images directly to clients. They are produced on museum/archival fine art paper and look remarkable. They have been exhibited in Carnegie Hall New York, San Francisco, Memphis, Prague, Dubai, London and alongside David Hockney's work in Salts Mill Bradford. Many of the worlds top musicians have purchased my photographs.
As well as being a fine art photographer I am also a documentary filmmaker and have received numerous international awards for my films including two Baftas.

Paul Berriff

The Beatles Unified

  • 1963
  • Dimensions: 32" x 33"
  • Fine Art Category: photography
  • Medium: Digital image
  • Origin: UK
  • Price: £1,200.00 GBP


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