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About Artist:

 Dr. Regina Valluzzi has a scientific background in nanotechnology and biophysics. She has been a scientist in the chemical industry, a research professor, a start-up founder, and a science-themed artist.   She is primarily an autodidact, but had lessons in art and visual theory from a formally trained artist parent. She has become expert at finding art lessons in any activity involving visual information.

The principles of scientific research, applied to the creation of art, yield novel techniques and unique and interesting artifacts.

 As a practicing scientific researcher in condensed matter physics and nanotechnology for many years, Dr. Valluzzi brings unique insights to her art.  Careful research and experimentation combine with artistic inspiration in her current body of “Reinvented Landscape” paintings.   By exploring the properties of viscoelastic fluid flows, dispersion, convection and diffusion through the medium of acrylic paint and compatible media, Valluzzi has developed a number of very novel ways to apply acrylic paint and mix it with other media.  Her mixed media pieces achieve unusual and detailed naturalistic patterns and textures through the unique qualities of each medium incorporated, combined with the physical properties of the acrylic system.

 Elusive phenomena, such as elastic flow instabilities and the onset of chaotic turbulence, can be seen frozen into crystal clear acrylic films.  These phenomena are then used to create the illusion of flowing turbulent water, naturalistic plant textures and other landscape features.  Dr. Valluzzi’s main research thrusts as a scientist involved significant use of advanced microscopy and imaging technologies, along with a deep understanding of optical phenomena such as reflection, refraction, scattering and lensing.  This understanding of the optical properties of materials also informs her approach to mixed media, allowing her to create works that capture the physical properties of the scenes depicted along with their appearance.

 Dr. Valluzzi has always held a strong interest in the visual arts, allowing visual arts ideas to permeate her technical work and vice versa. She was educated in Materials Science at MIT, obtaining a second B.S. degree in music and a minor in visual studies.  Her PhD thesis at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst requiring advanced microscopy, image analysis, and theoretical data modeling. These experiences provided the visual insights and experiences that inform much of her work as an artist.


Regina Valluzzi


  • 2016
  • Dimensions: 30" x 36"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium:
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $4,500.00 USD


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