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About Artist:

The artist was born and raised in Bulgarie, where he?received his formal art education iat secondary art school and later he graduated at? University of Veliko Tarnovo, faculty of figurative art. In 1989 he won an important tender for middle-school art curricula and transfer himself to Prague, where he teached art for two years. He then started his freelance career in Prague, owned and managed several galleries untill he was contacted? by representant of an art agency and sold via auction house in Paris several dozens paintings.? He had many exhibitions in Bulgaria, France and in? Czechia. This artist has potential to grov in value. Rumen Sazdov?s art is one that enhances colour and evokes cubist suggestions, but which is also akin to abstract expressionism. His oil paintings highlight intertwined relation and depth. Dynamism and imagination merge in the works of this artist? - who proves himself capable of seeing beauty in its most graceful forms. His choice of colours ranges from the spectrum of azure and blue to green and the warm and all-embracing shades of red, perfect to hint at passion. Be it conversation, love or even just trajectory, movement is a dominant component for Rumen Sazdov, who can aptly describe the pleasurable moment of people meeting in a caf? as the closeness between two human beings, whether physical, mental or spiritual. Everything is hedged in by precise geometries, and nothing is left to chance. Here, we might say, the circle is somehow squared: Sazdov?s contemporary art descends from a higher sense, where the hic et nunc, the here and now that is pleasure for the material, combines with a transcendent elsewhere residing beyond appearance. In all this - a truly wide embrace, a mixture between reality and spirit - there are laws determining the presence of certain elements on the canvas, and rules underlying the choice of one colour over the other.



Rumen Sazdov


  • 2019
  • Dimensions: 70" x 100"
  • Fine Art Category: paintings
  • Medium: Oil / Canvas
  • Origin: Czech Republic
  • Price: €5,550.00 EUR


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