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About Artist:

I found my passion in doing large abstract metal wall
sculptures using one of my favorite tools, a welder.
My canvas is intricately woven pieces of metal,
intertwined into a beautiful chaos that lets the mind
see what it wants to see. My work is unique because
I bring a feminine touch to a masculine trade. I am a
self taught action painter, drawing inspiration from the
music I listen to while I create my masterpieces.

Born and raised in Calabasas , Ca and having my Dutch
mother and English father take me to every major
museum in Europe every summer vacation when we
would stay out there, has had an influence on me that
you can see in my work today, with Jackson Pollack,
Salvador Dali and Auguste Rodin's work all particularly
standing out to me.

   I never really knew that I had this artistic streak until
I began to work for my friend and fellow metal artist,
Omar Wysong. One day after cutting out the patterns
for his steel aguave designs, I went to throw away the
scrap metal left over and I saw something beautiful in
the way the pieces fell on the floor. So I asked if I could
use the scraps that were being thrown away so I can
make something for my freshly painted white walls, as
I had just been fixing up my house and needed something
for my bare walls. When I put together something
and after he taught me how to weld it, I found that I
have a talent for this.I started experimenting with all
kinds of colors and found that I kept getting inspired with new and unique ideas. Not only am I finding inspiration in the metal itself, which bends so beautifully and comes together in unity, but I find that I can play with color and texture until I am happy with the outcome of the mixture of colors.

Since discovering this hidden talent that I didnt even know I had, it has changed everything for me. No longer do I feel the emptiness of that dreary mundane exsistence of an unfavorable past and no light at the end of the tunnel for the future. Instead I find myself getting up every day with purpose and direction
and hope. I am filled with gratitude and I am filled
with satisfaction as I gaze back at something I have
created. It has awakened an incessant need to keep
creating and keep evolving in my art.
I currently live in Los Angeles with my fiance and 3
kids and for once I am comfortable in my own skin and
feel I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I
am supposed to be doing.

Sarah Mulligan

The Mass of Men

  • 2018
  • Dimensions: 47" x 23" x 6"
  • Fine Art Category: sculptures
  • Medium: metal
  • Origin: USA
  • Price: $3,200.00 USD


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