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Welcome To Artplode

Welcome to Artplode where buyers and sellers of art deal direct with each other with no commission charged. This is what makes Artplode a great place to buy and sell art online.


Artplode provides galleries, dealers, collectors and artists with a high quality platform where they can list their artwork for sale alongside works by some of the most famous artists in history including Warhol and Picasso.

Artplode charges a low one off fee of $60 to list an artwork for sale. The artwork is listed for sale on the Artplode website until the seller removes it.

Many auction houses charge sellers a commission up to 25% or more. On Artplode NO COMMISSION is charged to sellers. Sellers keep 100% of the price they receive from the buyer of their artwork.

This is what makes Artplode one of the best places to sell art online.


On Artplode you can browse high quality artworks for sale by artists, galleries, dealers and collectors in more than 40 countries around the world. At present the inventory of paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints and digital artworks for sale on Artplode exceeds US$10 million.

Dealing direct with the seller means you can obtain all the information about the artwork from the seller before you buy art online.

Many auction houses charge buyers commission of 20% or more of the sale price of the artwork. When you buy art online on Artplode NO COMMISSION is charged to buyers or sellers. No commission being charged means better deals for buyers and sellers.

This is what makes Artplode one of the best places to buy art.

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