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Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly update our Frequently Asked Questions to reflect the topics of interest to visitors to the site.

Who can sell artwork on Artplode?

Artplode welcomes listings of artwork for sale by artists selling their own work, dealers and galleries selling works by a number of different artists and private sellers selling works they own. We accept listings from sellers in most countries worldwide.

What are the fees for listing artworks for sale on Artplode?

We charge a low flat one off fee to list an artwork for sale until it sells on Artplode. This fee is charged in your own local currency if you live in the US, UK, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. Artplode listing fees for sellers from all other countries are charged in our default currency which is US$.

If you are registered click here to find out the cost of listing an artwork for sale on Artplode.

The cost of selling an artwork on Artplode is exactly the same whether you are a private seller, an artist, a dealer or a gallery.

How much will I save by listing my artwork for sale on Artplode rather than selling it through an Auction House?

Auction houses charge sellers 20% + commission if an artwork sells and also charge buyers 20% + commission to purchase the artwork at auction. Sometimes auction houses charge sellers other fees including insurance and photography charges. On Artplode you pay one low one off fee to list your artwork.

When you sell on Artplode you keep the whole amount you receive for the artwork.

Selling your art on Artplode can save you thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How do I contact someone who is selling an artwork on Artplode?

The artwork listing has a link where you can send an email direct to the seller including your telephone number if you wish. When the seller responds to your email you can decide between yourselves your preferred mode of communication – email, telephone, Skype etc.

How long will my artwork stay for sale on Artplode?

It is our policy for your artwork to remain available for sale on Artplode until it is sold or you elect to end the listing.

What are “Featured Listings”?

Featured Listings are an option sellers have to give their artwork more prominence in searches on Artplode.

For a fee, a seller can elect to have their artwork included as a Featured Listing – meaning it shows at the TOP of the search category they wish it to be featured in.

If the Artwork is a “Featured Listing” it will be shown with a red banner on the listing.

Artworks can be featured at the TOP of more than one search category if the seller wishes eg Featured Artists, Fine Art Category (of the artwork), Origin of Art, Subject, Location of Seller and Gay and Lesbian Artists.

Will Artplode ever charge any seller or buyer a commission on the sale of art they have listed on the website?

No Artplode will NEVER EVER charge a seller or a buyer any commission for selling or buying an artwork listed for sale on our website.

We are very excited to offer sellers and buyers a forum on Artplode where art can be bought and sold free of any commissions

What is Artplode Assistant?

Artplode Assistant is a service we offer for a small fee to private sellers who are unsure what price to offer their artworks for sale. An experienced art professional will research and assess an artwork based on information and photos provided by the seller and then suggest a price for the work. The seller is of course at all times at liberty to set the price for their artworks on Artplode. The opinion of our Artplode Assistant is merely a guide which can be accepted or rejected by a seller.

What are “Artist Alerts”?

As a free service to promote the listings of artworks on Artplode we offer anyone who registers to use the site the opportunity to receive ten FREE “artist alerts” via email. This means if you register on the site you can nominate up to ten artists whose works you are interested in. Artplode will send you an email once a week to inform you of any works by that have been listed for sale on Artplode by the artists you have nominated.

For a small annual subscription you can elect to subscribe for premium alerts which means you can nominate an unlimited number of artists to follow and receive alerts IMMEDIATELY an artwork by any of these artists is listed for sale on Artplode.

It is our view that our “no commissions” policy will result in listings of many fine artworks that have not previously been offered for sale in galleries or auction houses. We therefore suggest you sign for our “artist alerts” if you are a serious art collector or art lover.

Who pays for shipping artworks for sale on Artplode?

It is up to the seller of the artwork to decide whether they will absorb the cost of shipping the artwork to the buyer or whether the buyer should pay for packing and shipping separate to the price paid for the artwork.

It assists buyers if sellers can quickly obtain a quote for packaging and shipping an artwork at least to locations within their own country at the time they list the artwork for sale on artplode. Quotes for local and international packing and shipping can be obtained from your local all in one shipping company e.g. UPS Store (US), Mailboxes (UK) or Pack and Send (Australia and New Zealand)

Quotes for shipping only (no packing) can be calculated on the UPS, FedEx and DHL websites.

What happens if I buy an artwork from a seller on Artplode and there is a problem or I don’t like it when it is delivered?

When you decide to purchase an artwork you can ask the seller whether they are willing to accept the return of the artwork for any reason after you purchase it. It is entirely a matter for each individual who offers artwork for sale on Artplode to decide whether or not to accept returns on sales and offer full or partial refunds. Artplode never intervenes in transactions between buyers and sellers of artwork on the site.

Who owns Artplode?

Artplode LTD is a privately owned company registered in the United Kingdom.

If you have a question you would like to ask please click here.


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