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About Artplode

Welcome to Artplode!

One of the most common questions asked by artists and art collectors all over the world is how do I sell art online and where do I sell art online.

Artplode was created as an online art gallery for private collectors to sell art and keep 100% of the price they receive from buyers. We identified this sector of the art market as having limited options when it came to selling art. We refer sadly to the steadily dwindling number of bricks and mortar art galleries, which offer works on the secondary market and art auction houses charging substantial commissions to both buyers and sellers of art -in some cases totalling more than 50% of the hammer price.

Since our launch in August 2014 Artplode has been embraced by artists, art galleries, dealers and collectors looking to promote their artwork for sale online. We are proud and delighted that Artplode has attracted millions of dollars in listings from sellers in more than forty countries

Artplode’s no commission policy has resulted in many listings of paintings, sculpture, drawings, photography and digital art that have not previously been offered for sale in galleries or auction houses. Of particular interest are the superb paintings and drawings for sale by the estate of Russian Non Conformist artist Val Klever (1939-2013) and listings of works by Picasso, Miro, Warhol and John Lennon by galleries and collectors.

If you are interested in buying art on the internet we invite you to register for our artist alerts feature which is free for up to ten artists with alerts sent once a week. Art lovers can also subscribe for a fee to receive unlimited premium artist alerts immediately after works by their favourite artists are listed for sale on Artplode.

We recognise some collectors or artists may welcome assistance buying and selling art on the internet. We have handpicked some of the most experienced and respected fine art consultants across several countries and invited them to offer their services to collectors to buy art online or assist them to sell art online. The fees these fine art consultants charge are substantially lower than gallery or auction commissions.

Private sellers who are unsure what price to charge for their artworks may for a small fee elect to use the services of our 'Artplode Assistant', an experienced fine art professional, who will assess your artwork based on information and photos you provide and then suggest a price for the work. You are of course at all times at liberty to set the price for your artwork. The opinion of our Artplode Assistant is merely a guide which you can accept or reject.

We hope you will experience Artplode as an easy to use site where you can browse art for sale by categories including type of art, artist, subject, location of seller, price, origin and era. You can also browse artworks by who is offering them for sale - Galleries, Dealers, Artists or Private Sellers.

We are always happy to receive feedback from people who have browsed Artplode. If you have any comments please drop us a line here.

We hope you will enjoy the Artplode experience selling or buying fine art online without any commissions!

Maureen McCarthy
Founder and CEO


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